Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4)

Since 2013, MME has been working as a teaming partner with Arcadis to assist Georgia DOT in complying with its MS4 permit requirements. Our role includes GIS mapping and inventory of all MS4 outfalls and receiving waters, drainage structures, detention facilities, water quality facilities, and impaired streams within one mile of GDOT outfalls.

MME has also performed GIS mapping and utility systems inventory, using a custom geodatabase schema for the Waste Management Authority of the USVI and as a partner with Arcadis for Dekalb County, GA. These projects involve the mapping and inventory of several thousands of structures, facilitating the development of hydraulic networks based on field-collected data. Currently MME is working with Arcadis on a stormwater system inventory and GIS mapping project for the Georgia Department of Transportation.