CCTV Sewer Inspections

We use certified operators and CCTV inspection hardware and software based on current technology to collect and store CCTV inspection data in the field. Data collection and analysis are performed in accordance with the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) system approved by the National Association of Sanitary Service Companies (NASSCO).

CCTV Inspection of a sewer line

We inspect sewer lines of several sizes - minimum 4 inches. Our operators are PACP certified and are experienced in using multiple systems based on the PACP standard.

The field data is checked by competent and certified office personnel for consistency and any deficiencies are resolved either within the software or by revisits by field crews to clarify and obtain any missing data.

Accepted data is used to generate CCTV logs and the videos are stored electronically. The data can be converted into the industry standard “sewer.dat” files and processed further and ranked for service and structural defects. Our quality control team further reviews the data and updates the database. The severity of each defect is reviewed a rank or grade is assigned to the sewer system asset based on structural integrity and I&I potential.